6 Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Winter

    The temperatures are dropping and we are nearing Winter in Northern Utah faster than expected! While there are a lot of reasons to try to cling onto Fall, it’s not all bad when you are looking to sell your home. Realtor.com looked at the top 6 reasons why it’s best to sell your home during the winter months. We thought we’d share a couple of our favorites below, but you can read the entire article by clicking here.

    1. Low inventory = less competition

    Since spring is the most popular home-selling season, the housing market is ultracrowded with options at that time of year. And if you paid attention during Econ 101, you understand the law of supply and demand.

    2. Winter brings out the serious buyers

    News flash: Not everyone looking at houses intends to make a purchase. Some people are contemplating moving and may just want to see what’s on the market. Since more homes tend to go on the market in spring and fall, this is also when window shoppers are likely to be out looking.

    3. Year-end financial bonuses and payouts

    As a seller, year-end performance reviews could mean that more people have money to spend on a home.

    Courtesy of Realtor.com

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