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    Market is Shifting! 

    We pulled real estate statistics yesterday and noticed a huge change in the market based on last year vs. this year in Listings and Pending Contracts.  There are more Active Listings and fewer Pending Contracts all over the State of Utah.

    State of Utah

    2/5/2018     6,525 Active Listings
    2/5/2019     8,448 Active Listings
    1,923 MORE homes available to buy

    2/5/2018     5,546 Pending Contracts
    2/5/2019     4,915 Pending Contracts
    631 FEWER homes that have buyers and are under contracts

    This indicates a move towards a Buyers’ Market!

    What does this mean for you?  If you are thinking of selling your home in 2019 and making a move call us immediately!  It’s not too late to get a great price out of your home and put your equity into the home of your dreams, rather than a home you may be settling on.

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