Highway displacing West Jordan homeowners

    We recently saw an article and video on KSL.com that featured some homeowners here in West Jordan being displaced because of the new expansion to Bangerter Highway. The video and the article can be seen by clicking here. 

    You definitely feel for these homeowners and for the trouble that they are being put through. While fair compensation is coming their way for their relocation and the acquisition of their property, moving can bring on unwanted stress and difficult, especially for those that have settled into their home.

    If you’re buying a home, how can you be sure that years from now there will not be a similar situation? Certainly, these homeowners did not think about it at the time.

    Hiring a real estate agent can make all the difference in gathering information about your real estate investment. We’ve seen customers take short cuts to sell their home or buy a home without the professional help, and in some instances it can work in the short-term. However, a real estate agent is looking to not only protect you now but in the future as well.

    Whether you’re thinking of buying or selling, use the professional help from the Powerhouse Team to protect you now and for years after. We take pride in your real estate investment and will always look out for you!

    Video courtesy of KSL.

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