Home Tip Tuesday: Heating Hacks

    We’re now in the dog days of winter and that heating bill just seems to keep climbing and climbing. If you’re looking for some relief amid the rising heating costs, you may want to make sure that you’re doing the following 5 things in your home.

    Courtesy of doityourself.com

    1) Spin your ceiling fans the other direction

    Most ceiling fans are installed with the default position to pull the air up to the ceiling. This is helpful in cooling and circulating a room during the warmer months. However, in the winter, the warmest air rises to the ceiling. Setting a fan on the low setting and reversing circulation can distribute the warmest air in the room back down to body level.

    2) Utilize your vents

    A lot of closets and pantries have vents that are closest to where the furnace is located. That can be some of the most powerful and hottest air in the entire house that is filling up a rarely used space. Close off those vents in the rooms and spaces that will not be frequented by people in your home.

    3) Plug all cracks and gaps

    For just pennies on the dollar you can buy filler for your exterior doors and windows to make sure that the heat you have inside is not being leaked through the cracks. Don’t pay to heat the entire neighborhood! And don’t let the cold in!

    4) Uncover Vents

    This seems obvious, but can go unnoticed! Couches, rugs, and furniture can cover up a vent in a room that is struggling to heat up. A lot of things get brought into the home over the course of the year. A vent that was previously uncovered may be covered up and blocking any ventilation.

    5) Home Cooking!

    We won’t get into all of the budgetary reasons for eating in and not going out, but an added benefit is the additional heat created by cooking as many meals as possible in the home. Crank that stove and oven and fill your kitchen and dining room with warm entrees and a warmer space!

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