Melody’s Favorite Cache Valley Christmas Traditions

    There’s nothing quite like Cache Valley during the Christmas season. The snow is festive, the cold brings us together, and activities abound across the valley! After 30 years of being a Cache Valley resident, here are some of my favorite holiday traditions!

    Lights in Preston

    The lights in Preston are among our favorites! They usually kick off with a celebration parade with fireworks after Thanksgiving, but the Christmas lights run right through the Holidays.

    Hawaiian Haystacks

    Hawaiian Haystacks?? Yep!! Every Christmas season we have a family tradition of breaking out our favorite toppings across rice-filled haystacks! I’ve put a recipe that is similar to ours below. Nothing is better than coming in from a cold day of sledding to some warm dreams of Hawaii!

    Sledding on Old Main Hill

    Speaking of cold days of sledding… Sledding has always been a family favorite and my kids love it just as much as anyone! There’s no better place to sled then at Old Main on campus of Utah State University. Don’t go a winter without it!

    Board Games

    When everyone’s inside, all the board games come out! Big homes are a must for getting everyone inside during the holiday season. Among my personal favorites are: Cash flow, Acquire, Monopoly, Domain, Catan, Exploding kittens, Ticket to ride, Risk. We usually don’t let it get too competitive or out of hand!!

    Skiing at Beaver

    How can you not ski the Beav?!? Choosing a sunny day to ski after a snow storm comes through is among my favorite December  traditions up and around Cache Valley.

    I hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit about my favorite holiday traditions in Cache Valley! I wish you the merriest of Christmases and a very happy New Year!





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