Money Minute: Save BIG Buying a Home in December

    We’ve shared multiple articles in the past on our Facebook page highlighting how it is a great time to buy during the winter months. Home sellers that keep their homes on the market during the holidays are extremely motivated. There may also be some end of year tax purposes to get a home sold quickly. Bankrate has recently published an article that brings all of the December home buying numbers into perspective.

    “Nationwide, December held seven of the top 10 days where buyers snagged the best price discounts on a home purchase, making it the best month to buy a home.”

    Those seven of the top 10 days are listed here:

    We find these similar trends throughout Northern Utah in the month of December. Those of you that are hoping to buy a home in 2019, we highly recommend taking a look at your options now. Contact us to find out about the deals currently on the market and if now is the right time for you.

    Another excerpt from the article at Bankrate states: “Negotiating a lower price isn’t the only good reason to buy a home during the holidays, real estate experts say. December is a month before the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes resume, says Leonard Steinberg, a real estate broker with Compass Real Estate in New York City. Mortgage rate spikes can add to your borrowing costs and put some homes out of reach.”

    Courtesy of Bankrate

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