South Jordan The Fourth-Best City In Nation For Small Biz

    For those that live in South Jordan, it’s no surprise that this city is great for small businesses. What may be surprising, however, is that South Jordan was recent ranked as the 4th best small city in the United States for small businesses. Yeah, you read that right. In the ENTIRE U.S.!

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    The criteria for such a determination includes population, education, commute time, and many other factors. “The Verizon survey covers the foundation of what you need for a good business environment,” said Jim Herrin, director of the Salt Lake Region Small Business Development Center.

    “South Jordan has a great foundation in terms of its starting place, plus a lot of things they have created as well,” Herrin said. “They have a perfect storm but in a good way.”

    Real estate in South Jordan continues to be a sound investment. While it may appear that prices have risen too much, the forecast for the South Jordan market shows home values will continue to rise as these small businesses continue to grow. If you’re looking to buy or sell in South Jordan, contact Rod and Melody by clicking here.


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