What’s going on with the Salt Lake real estate market?

    Rod is back with another market update video. This time he’s looking to answer a question that is on a lot of seller’s minds: what’s going on with the Salt Lake real estate market?

    You can view the entire video below or by clicking here

    Basic economics tells us that homes priced higher will have lower demand. From Rod’s video, “When we get over 6 months worth of inventory, we typically have an over supply of homes, not enough buyers, and property values are coming down.” So how can we price our homes accurately to get the most in this market while selling in a timely fashion?

    Who you work with matters. Hiring a real estate agent and team that can separate your home from the pack will make all the difference for the sale of your home. After all, “the guy who sales his home last, loses the most amount of money.”


    What's going on?? Let's take a look as I try to make sense of the real estate market in Salt Lake County

    Posted by Rod Moser on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

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