Who do you know that is at risk?

    Rod is back with his weekly market highlight, and this week he’s shedding a bit of light on an issue that was recently published on KSL.com. The article states that, “Each week, about 200 Utahns 65 years of age or older suffer a fall and receive medical help for their injuries at an emergency room, and about a third of those people require hospitalization.”

    Throughout Northern Utah a lot of the homes were built in ways and in places that make it difficult for the elderly to get around very easily. Whether it’s steep driveways on the foothills or inconveniences like basement laundry rooms, the risks are very prevalent for those advanced in their age. Not to mention the wintery months.

    “About three Utah seniors die each week from a fall, the department said. Utahns ages 65 and older account for 77.8 percent of fall-related deaths within the state as of 2016, according to the agency.”

    We’d love to be able to help those in need of a more adequately suited home that may be at risk of these dangers. Not all accidents can be avoided, but it would be nice to play a part in helping that large number of falls go down.

    Who do you know that is at risk?

    Posted by Rodney Moser on Sunday, January 13, 2019

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