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    Another week, another great market spotlight brought to you from the Powerhouse Team. This week Rod is taking a look at the difference between our two most prominent markets, Salt Lake County and Cache County. We’ve detailed in weeks past the areas in south Salt Lake Valley of Herriman, South Jordan and Draper. Click on any of the links prior to this to view those weekly market highlights, or to see all market highlights and statistics click here.

    The big question with both of these healthy real estate markets is: in which county is a better place to be investing in real estate? For the under 200k market in Cache County, home prices are rising and there is high demand. We have more buyers than we have inventory. Now is the time to sell!

    Salt Lake County is showing just as healthy of a market as Cache County, with a much higher number of inventory and buyers. The appreciating home values for Salt Lake County go up to 500k and then start to stabilize. If you own a home with a a value under 500k in the Salt Lake County, now is the time to sell!

    The key to know is that when we are in a market that has under 6 months of inventory, property values are still appreciating. A lot of the price points for both of these markets show that property values are still appreciating. If you are unaware of your home’s value give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a free home valuation.

    View Rod’s entire video by clicking here

    Which Real Estate Market is better right now?

    Cache County real estate vs. Salt Lake County.

    Posted by Rodney Moser on Sunday, October 28, 2018

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