Work less and play more in Utah

    A recent article published by the Salt Lake Tribune caught our attention because of the primary headline, “Utahns work fewer hours per week than people in any other state, study finds”. Reading through the article it was a bit surprising to hear of the news, but who can argue with the U.S. Census Bureau!

    Take a look at the map provided by the U.S. Census Bureau below:

    A direct quote from the Salt Lake Tribune article is below:

    Shea Drake, a spokesperson for, said the statistics for Utah may be seen as a positive. “Less time at work means more time for family, and given the cultural emphasis on family in the state, this could be seen as a point of pride,”

    So not only does Utah have a thriving economy, a healthy real estate market, and beautiful surroundings but it also boasts of the best work-life balance in the country!

    For more information on this please visit the article on Salt Lake Tribune or the direct U.S. Census Bureau findings.

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